Amendments/Clarification Issued for SBD Under DDUGJY
  1. Amendment in TS of 11 kV composite insulator
  2. Amendment TS Piercing connector
  3. Clarification in Tender Drawings provided in SBD DDUGJY
  4. Inclusion of IDFC bank under SBD DDUGJY
  5. Letter All PIA Clarification Amendment in CT PT DDUGJY
  6. Letter All PIA LTDB SBD
  7. Letter All PIA SBD Standard Make of Equipment
  8. Letter All PIAs Stage Inspection PTR DDUGJY
  9. Letter All_PIAs_Post award changes in SBD DDUGJY
  10. Letter Clarification on introduction of GST
  11. Letter Methodology of loss capitalisation in TS DTR
  12. Letter Rating of DTR SBD Full Turnkey
  13. Letter to PIA MSME Public Procurement policy
  14. Letter to PIA Procurement of Prime CRGO Core
  15. Letter TS Clarification for various items All PIAs DDUGJY
  16. Letter Zero Effect concept for enclosure of meter box
  17. Regarding standard make of equipment SBD DDUGJY
  18. AB Cable Accessories and insulation of Piercing Connector (IPC)
  19. Clarification regarding clause 9.2.1 of General conditions of contract (GCC) of SBD for DDUGJY scheme reg